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The joy of dolphin mystery

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Yoga diet The joy of dolphin mystery

Dolphin, the basic style of underwater speed swimming, is one of the most efficient types of cyclic Vinyasa. Looking at the body position and the dynamics of movements of this style in terms of Yoga technique, it is possible to see a combination of the most efficient technical devices from the arsenal of Yoga. In this swimming style, the body performs rhythmical wave-like movements with the spine, from shoulders to pelvis and with the legs, from thighs to toes. These whip-like movements resemble a classical yogi Vinyasa abdomen down. The necessity to overcome the water pressure by using a mono-flipper (one large flipper designed for both feet) with a surface of not more than half a square meter, requires a great effort from the largest muscle groups: abdominal press, straight back muscles, buttocks, leg quadriceps, and calf muscles. But these are the same muscles that accompany the most efficient yogi Pranayamas, facilitating the achievement of psychic-energy effects, which are directly related to the spiritual goals of Yoga.

In the dolphin style, the arms are raised and stretched above the head, and the head is tipped up and back by the muscles in the back of the neck. This position corresponds to the yogi Setu Bandha. The eyes are raised up and look up from under the forehead foreword, which corresponds to the position of Sambhavi Mudra in Yoga. These positions of arms and eyes promote the flow of energy along the spine from the lower to upper centers.

More over technically correct swimming in the dolphin style is accompanied with long breath delays after inhalation. To make a mono-flipper stroke efficient and made in a layer of water rather than in the air (swimming on the surface may cause the mono-flipper to show above the surface), the swimmer quickly inhales on the move, delays the breath and slightly dives. He swims at a shallow depth with his breath delayed until he requires a new portion of oxygen. Then, without stopping, he slightly emerges, makes a sharp full exhalation, then quick full inhalation, delays breath and slightly dives on the move, etc., similar to a swimming dolphin. Along with these dives and breath delays after inhalation, the swimmer makes several strokes with the mono-flipper by making a wave motion with his body (spine) and legs. These kicks require the powerful operation of muscle groups. But these are the operations that are used in the main classical Yoga Vinyasas. And these are the operations that are made with the breath delayed during the practice of Ujayi Pranayama, but march more powerful.

Therefore, strange as it may seem, the dolphin style of underwater speed swimming contains all most efficient technical devices of Yoga, required to raise the Kundalini and make spiritual progress in Yoga.

It is known that the raising of Kundalini is accompanied with a number of profound physical, psychic-energy, and spiritual transformations. And although these are not the subjects of detailed discussion in this chapter, it should be noted that such effects, as increasing the sexual energy potential, cleansing energy channels, perceiving human nature, and a general state of contentment and joy, changing of the outlook with respect to everything that happens in the life are parts of this raising. And it is interesting to note that, according to the personal acknowledgments of many well-known under water sportsmen: the USSR sport masters, the World Class sport masters, members of the former USSR national teams in spite of the fact that they did not have any esoteric knowledge, they often noticed some strange phenomena. These sportsmen could not help paying attention to them. These are: hyper-sexual potential, complete breath delays during sleep, spontaneous vibrating flows in the body, rampant joy pouring out, change in perception of the world and many other phenomena. They hesitated to talk about these things, thinking themselves a bit abnormal. The ones who later started to practice Yoga on the basis of the experience of the breathing-motion they already had, the concentration of attention and Power of Spirit, achieved the raising of the Kundalini energy in half a year. They used already acquired achievements of the motion-breath, concentration of attention and the Power of Spirit. At the same time, many Yoga veterans with many years of experience were not able to achieve such motion of the organizing Power at all. They remained theorists for their whole life, and in the depth of their soul doubt the existence of Kundalini and the reasons to strive to raise it But the mystery of the joy of dolphins is in the nature of their natural movements

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