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Awareness in running

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There is a special regime of contemplation. That is the contemplation in running. It is one of the best means of actually stopping mental activity and developing the practical ability to react instantly and accurately while being close to the risk of physical injury. This is a correct formula, but those who are concerned about the consequences of injury will only worry.

Awareness in running should be practiced in a proper place. Mountains or hilly terrain are the best for this practice. At the very outside, it is possible to practice on flat terrain, but it should be in the forest or in the park. The main thing in choosing the place is that the terrain should be complicated and varied.

The technique of such running is very simple. It is necessary to run non-stop as fast as possible over the rugged terrain, slightly slowing down when moving uphill and speeding up when moving down, but in such fashion that have no time to think about where to place the feet. There is a special mode of operation of the controlling structures, which is manifested in such a run. In this mode, possible to have a beastly feeling born inside when the feet firmly hold on the ground and know exactly where to be placed themselves: on the protruding angle of a stone, a hole between the stones, a root sticking out, vertical side-walls of the hill or a tree trunk. In this mode, a fabulous feeling of foresight of an unknown situation comes and the ability of quickly finding the way out of it. If the sudden step on a live stone or sandy ground happens, the speed regime of life saving will give protection from the situation of the fatal hazard. In that time errorless instant out of mind actions which drive out of dangerous situations. These dangers, by themselves, are not the goal of such running, but they happen from time to time, and the one who is not thinking overcomes them.

At the initial stage, such running is better to use on familiar terrain but at high speed, so that the wind always whistles in the ears. Also, it is necessary to try to run in a non-standard fashion, for example, crossing the pathway from one side to another and back, running on the sides of a hill around the pathway, jumping on the trees and pushing off them, etc. And, of course, it can be manage all that only if the practitioners are not lazy and run actively, close to the boundary of his/her abilities.

The training goal may be achieved if the feet are unerringly placed on stable places, or they instantly jump from unstable places to stable ones. If the speed becomes extraordinary and endurance becomes unkillable, even twenty kilometers does not take much time and gives pleasure. The only thing that is remaining in consciousness at this time is the noise of the wind and the exaltation of flight at reckless speed.

Running in the nighttime further complicates the task of foreseeing obstacles and provides extra-sensations. Night running awakens the mechanisms of the consciousness that are used by animals hunting at night. And these mechanisms sleep in every man because people do not use them. But they are very ancient and strong, and are still available and alive. These have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, and the age of modern civilization is insignificantly small in comparison to their evolutionary importance.

But the main reason for the respa-yogis to run in the nighttime is that in tropical climates the heat drops only at night. Running in the daytime, under the baking rays of the sun, with temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius simply disables consciousness.

As to a risk, it exists everywhere. To live is generally risky. Risk is a part of any situation faced in life. But those people who are careful and not silly dont make mistakes and continue to live.

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