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Standing on straight legs standing in push-up position on bent arms

Standing on the knees and the toes standing in push-up position on bent arms, knees and toes Standing on straight legs standing in push-up position on bent arms

Stand on straight legs, raise straight arms and stretch them in front of the body at shoulder width (Photo 212). The wrists should be bent, so as to make the palms face forward, fingers pointed upwards. Constricting all the muscles of the legs, arms, torso and neck firmly fix this position of the body. With an inhalation, shift the fixed bodys center of gravity so as to fall forward onto the palms as smoothly as possible. Bend the arms after the palms touch the floor, and use the arm muscles to control the fall as much as possible, thereby changing position to Chaturanga Dandasana (lying face down on bent hands) (Photo 213). Inhale in this position and, with an exhalation, push off the floor with an extremely powerful impulse, and toss the straight body in the air. When reaching the balancing point, stop in the initial position, standing on straight legs with the arms stretched in front of you at shoulder width (Photo 212).

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