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Diagonal on the palms

Diagonal on the shoulders Diagonal on the head and palms
Diagonal on the palms

Standing vertically on the hands in Adho Mukha Vrikshasana with straight legs (Photo 112). Exhaling, slowly bend the arms in the elbows, slowly lower straight legs diagonally to the first side, with a powerful effort of the abdominal press lay them as high under the armpit as possible (Photo 113). Inhaling, make no delay and continue the motion by smoothly lowering the pelvis and straightening the arms in the elbows. Raising the body, head and feet as high as possible, try to keep the spine vertical in Dvi Pada Koundiniasana (Photo 114). Inhaling, lower the head, body and feet back to the previous position (Photo 113) Then inhaling, straighten the arms in the elbows and smoothly raise straight legs into the initial position of standing vertically on the hands (Photo 112). Thereafter, with an exhalation, repeat the same diagonal cycle to the opposite side, etc.

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