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Diagonal on the head and palms

Diagonal on the shoulders Diagonal on the head and palms
Diagonal on the palms

Standing on the head in Salamba Shirshasana II with the palms placed on the floor (Photo 109). The points of the head and the palms foundation should form an even-sided triangle. The body should be held in the vertical position with legs straight. Exhaling, keeping the straight legs together, smoothly lower them diagonally down and to the first side and with a powerful effort of the abdominal press lay them as high under the armpit of the first arm as possible (Photo 110). Inhaling, fix this position, smoothly lower the pelvis, free the arms in the elbows and raise the body, head and feet as high as possible, trying to reach vertical position of the spine in Dvi Pada Kaundiniasana (Photo 111). Exhaling, smoothly lower the head on the floor ino the previous position (Photo 110) and, with an inhalation, smoothly raise straight legs into the initial vertical position standing on the head in Salamba Shirshasana II (Photo 109). Thereafter, repeat the same diagonal cycle to the other side, etc.

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