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Lying on the back for neck stretch

Lying on the back for neck stretch

Lying on the back with bent legs, and the arms to the sides (Photo 103). The knees should be directed up and spread apart, the same width as the hips, with the arms stretched along the side of the body. Inhaling, use the first hand to grip the ankle of the same leg, and use the other hand to brace the opposite side of the head from the above. Exhaling, straighten the gripped hand, eliminate the free motion of the shoulder and, with the upper hand, bend the head to the other side, stretching the first side of the neck (Photo 104). Inhaling, return to the initial position (Photo 103) and, with an exhalation, perform the above part of the exercise to the opposite side, stretching the other side of the neck (Photo 105). Thereafter, with an inhalation, return to the initial position (Photo 103), etc.

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