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Standing on the knees

Standing on straight legs Standing on the knees
Sitting on bent legs for neck stretch

1.2.1. Kneel, and inhaling, raise the arms radially to the sides up above the head (Photo 97). Exhaling, straighten and extend the second leg strictly to the side. The distance between the knee of supporting leg and the feet should be kept to a minimum, so as to place the knee of the bent leg under the opposite hip. Simultaneously, place the second hand on the waist and stretch the body towards the dropped arm, as much as possible (Photo 98). All elements of the body, except the supporting part of the bent leg should be kept in the vertical plane. With a subsequent inhalation, raise the dropped arm from the side up above the head (Photo 97). And, exhaling, bend the body to the other side, performing all steps described above in the opposite direction (Photo 99). Inhaling, again, raise the dropped hand up above the head and raise to the vertical position (Photo 97), etc.

1.2.2. Practiced similarly to 1.2.1, the only difference is that when you incline the body to the sides, grip the wrist of the upper hand with the palm of the lower hand in the same fashion as in variant 1.1.2 of the transverse Vinyasa standing on straight legs (see. Above).

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