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Rules of Universal Yoga Authorisation in Asia.
Dear, Universal Yoga teachers and practitioners.

Due to the different standards of Yoga Alliance certificatuon and the nesessary good quality studies of the UY teachers and their UY authorisation, I would like to annonce that is only one person in Asia who is fully authorised to run UY TT-1 starting from 2018 and this is Laura Lhamo.

There are several more UY teachers from Asia who are in the process of finalisation of their authorisation now and I hope they will be authorised to teach UY TTs in the near future.

All the other certified UY teachers have rights according to their certificates to run any types of UY programs, but not the Teachers Training and without certification in any unique separate Universal Yoga exersizes, sequences and methods or their parts, untill they will complete the UY authorisation rules with me.

I would like all of you to know, that any certified UY teachers who are teaching their own TTs under any different then UY names and use in the programs of their TTs any unique single UY exersices, sequances and methods or their parts, are doing this without my permission to them to do this.

That is why no any students participating such TTs will be qualified to teach any unique UY exersices, sequances and methods or their parts. And the teachers who are teaching in such way are the subject for their disqualification and anuling their certificates with complete breaking of any relations with me as their UY teacher and any assosiation of them with UY school.

Please spread this information to all UY comunities to make this information widely known and I will do my best for support only the UY teachers who are following the authorisation rules of Universal Yoga school and respecting me as their UY teacher who made a lot of work for development of unique and effective UY exersizes, sequences and methods.

The rules of authorisation were annonced to all students during every UY certification programs. And you are wellcome to contact me or Laura Lamo with any questions related to your own UY authorisation for the future UY TTs teaching. Any information related to UY authorisation which you can get from any another surces can not be considered as complete and perfectly correct.

Thank you very much.

Peace and light.


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