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The Spirit

Andrey Lappa. Fragments from the new book


The spirit is the essence, the organizational idea, the quality. Any thought, feeling, any form has the Master within the Spirit. The origination of idea in mind, the feeling of it's qualities, Setting the form of the body in a certain position or in motion, Putting this form in action in the outside world

Is the process of penetration and expansion of the Spirit in the inward life of a human being as well as the space around him.

This penetration happens when the person is awake and when he is asleep. The ability to differentiate and correctly interpret the essence of affecting and penetrating Spirit can be called a Conscious Spiritual Vision.

The waste of this Vision brings the individual to spiritual subjection and delusion.

Therefore it is critical to have the right guiding line in the Spirit.

To realize the activity of the Protecting Spirit, the Creating Spirit and the Distracting Spirit.

To retain consciousness in every moment of life - both when awake and asleep.

There are lots of spirits but the blessing comes only from One that is above all.

The correct identification and recognition of the spirits with ego stimulations, emotions, food, clothes and many other earthly things, develops by means of practical experience of recognition of their influence on the state of mind: on the balance of consciousness, its integrity, control of it, the feeling of satisfaction, joy, internal peace, energetic saturation, health, purity, compassion, tolerance, spiritual freedom, individual independence, Power of Spirit, Unification with the Universe.

Everything that destroys these qualities comes as the result of unconscious, negative spiritual influences or improper spiritual bearing, and calls for conscious correction in the Spirit directed towards positive spiritual influences that would be capable of consolidation and strengthening of the above mentioned qualities. Consequently, the embodied human being comes as an innate representation of the Spirit of a certain essence, quality and form in the Universe.

Self-consciousness and diligent creative practice contribute to evolution, spiritual reorientation and liberation from parasitizing spirits, delusions and consequencing results - all the negative Karma of degradation. Only individuals with the awakened consciousness can succeed in this; only those who overcame indolence can strive for persistent consciousness of themselves and the outside world. Only those who see the Spirit to the core; those who see the connection between the material and perfection and the essence of reality.

Misunderstandings and excessive enthusiasm about various spiritual and esoteric traditions when studied in turn and simultaneously open the loopholes for the Spirits that contradict each other, splitting the consciousness, bringing confusion, generating rather questions than the answers and leading towards more serious mistakes. One has to grow in Spirit to approach Perfection. It is necessary to gain the experience of mistakes of the previous lives when one feels tired of constant troubles and tortures. One day there would arise the motivation to break the vicious circle of the existing dependence from unconscious actions (Sansara) and their mournful consequences (Karma). There would arise the motivation to be conscious and capable of utilizing the power of Spirit in order to attain the above mentioned qualities.

The age of the body is far not always connected with the age of the Spirit. There are lots of examples that prove great spiritual maturity of some children in comparison with the adults as well as some people that younger in body as regards to older ones. The old Spirit is clearly visible in the eyes. It appears through inherent wisdom as given to the child with experience of his previous life. This kind of wisdom has no other reasons to be if not gained as a previous spiritual experience.

Be careful when thinking about delicious food, anticipating pleasures, falling into the traps of advertisements and commercials and under the influences of prestigious tendencies of the crowd. Try to catch the emotions of twisted, quite harmless at a first glance ideas, lust and comfortable laziness that penetrate in the body and consciousness; be aware that they consume your energy, take the life away and kill your slowly so that you never notice it.

Try to timely react on these things by utilizing will-power in your perception and by re-orientating yourself consciously towards positive spring of spiritual influence. It is the key to Spiritual Freedom (Moksha). It is contemporary Martial Art that is solely urgent in the time of concealed, ubiquitous Spiritual War. Other rusty kinds of Martial Arts have almost lost their concernment in the modern world as those who chase for your power are consciously involved into this War and are constantly perfecting themselves. They have learned long time ago that for the purpose of effective parasitizing and peoples' lives bereavement their actions have to be concealed and implemented into collective unconsciousness, stimulating its expansion as well as lust and social biases. The world is flooded with international economic tanks, outburst crisis, whistling bullets of negative emotions while stone-blind armies of headless and armless individuals revel the agony being deeply stuck into lust and delusions.

The unconscious individuals jump at the baits of great ideas, prestige, self-esteem, commercials and so on. They are negligent of sacrificing their energy thus becoming batteries for conscious trappers and engines. Somewhere in the depth of human being there is a place - a tiny spot, when being enlarged looks like an area surrounded by a great number of "doors". This area receives all vital energy of a human being as granted by the Universe. The "doors" are submitted to the Power of Spirit and appear to be the gates for vital energies that head towards human thoughts, feelings and actions. Through the "doors" the vital energy inspires and transfers into other human beings as well as material objects and technical devices as produced by human creatures.

If an individual does not use his Power of Spirit to accomplish control over the "doors", then they will be controlled by the influencing Spirits that struggle for the access to the vital energy of the potential donor. With unconscious people it often happens that the "doors" are flung open and thus granted to the power of alien Spirits. Therefore there crops up a draught of strange ideas and outside passions which embezzle the vital energy of the human being (Today we can see how media and various advertising companies are planning to influence the mind of the consumers decades ahead; how they consider what people are going to like at that time. At the same time the customers develop their technologies and put into production things that people are going to pay for in ten years).

The spiritual freedom can be achieved by conscious perception of the current position of the "doors", if they are subordinate to alien will, and also by conscious realization of the objective of one's birth transferring full control over the doors to your own Power of Spirit. This sort of control will help the man to assign his vital energy in direction he feels appropriate for the purpose of fulfilling the objective by birth. It helps to keep the "doors" closed, retains the energy, not wasting it for unworthy activity. Or it helps half-open the "doors" under a certain angle which will define the degree of the directed vital power. This control allows to assign in a human being a solely adequate host of the Spirit and let him rule and manage the life of this person.

There is quite a number of people suspecting the actual state of affairs, but they always feel they lack something so that they can bring their understanding into practical realization and persistent fulfillment in life. In order to attain the progress on the path towards spiritual maturity, it is not enough to gain theoretical understanding of things. It is necessary to act. But what is missing for real spiritual liberation? The answer is to be constantly vigilant and conscious in life. To utilize practically the familiar methods and training technologies for spiritual maturity, self-realization, self-control and further growth of the Power of Spirit. However, is there anyone truly strong in his Spirit who's able to conquer his passions and inertia?

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