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Ancient Health Standard

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Ancient Health Standard

Presently, the whole world is experiencing the active development of ecological human support systems (complex recreation systems) that do not wear out the body of the man or woman practicing them. On the contrary, these systems restore and improve the body with the lapse of each year, irrespective of the age. It is quite obvious that these systems should consist of the elements that are closest to the natural motor functions of the human body.

Humans have existed as a biological type for many thousands of years, but during the last several decades we have faced a very serious problem: our way of life has changed in an increasingly fast and radical manner, and this way of life is ruining our bodies. People spend more time sitting and laying, and less time in physical motion.

This sedentary life causes progressive physical degradation for the majority of people living in civilized countries, and physical degradation, as was established in the section entitled Yoga and Morality, is directly connected with spiritual degradation.

If this persists, mankind will inevitably face a crisis. Is there a way out of this terrible situation? Yes, there is one. It is contained in the restoration of the ancient health standard.

It requires us to abandon our comfortable and lazy way of life, and actively pursue the types of physical activities that contain the Challenge. Constantly overcoming the Challenge should become the means for encouraging the triumph of the Power of the Spirit.

Modern science says that aerobic exercise is the most natural for a human body, and this is quite correct. But the aerobic exercises that are widespread and popular at the present time are usually practiced in the standing on the legs position.

Their creators didnt have enough courage to place a man on four limbs, thereby returning him to the ancient position of his ancestors is not practiced Why?

It has been known for a long time that the lumbar section of the spine is mans Achilles heel. Almost 80% of the adult population of the World have problems in the area of the fourth and the fifth vertebrae of the lumbar section. In animals that walk on four feet, these chronic diseases are almost absent.

It is possible to say that the construction of the human body is naturally designed for activities using a bar or rope, or swimming and jogging in the rhythm of breath on four limbs in an abdomen down Vinyasa manner. Imitation of this position occurs in the process of practicing dynamic yoga styles, the arsenal of which includes Vinyasas. Particular positions of the body (Asanas) constituting Vinyasas that are drawn from among all living creatures on the Earth. For example, dog face down, dog face up, cat arched back are practiced naturally every day by many animals. In the same way, spiral and radial movements of the legs, arms and spine in the hyperventilation movements of the Dance of Shiva are functionally close to swimming movements, etc.

A considerable part of this book is devoted to the natural ways of training. It is written for people, who proudly see themselves as modern and civilized, yet can understand the true value of this fabulous natural program for restoring animal health (in the best sense of this word).

Even limited experience with Yoga practice allows one to feel how strong the changes in energy circulation and the state of consciousness are in the head down positions.

Vinyasas constantly alternate the head up and head down positions. In addition, these positions employ the spine, which twists in different directions, powerfully stimulating the nerve system.

This changes the balance of blood pressure and affects the glands in high-pressure areas. Additional secretion of the glands strongly shifts your psychic background and changes your range of perception. This results in a change of perceiving picture of the world.

When our ancestors started to walk upright, their psychic-energy structure changed drastically. There were both advantages and disadvantages to walking upright in our biological and psychic energy structures. And these disadvantages definitely need to be compensated for. This happens to some extent in the horizontal position duiring sleeping. In this time our organism is ruled by pure biological instincts, but sleeping alone is not enough for restoring the ancient energy structures of the body and consciousness. Regular natural training is of great importance. When the energies of a straight-walking man flow from the head to the abdomen, they must be returned upward to stimulate the brain. This flow radically changes the energy balance between the upper and lower centers of the body.

Natural types of training give fantastic results beastly strength and health (in the best meaning of this word), unhuman endurance, plasticity, coordination, peace and balance of consciousness.

This should not be understood as the appeal to return back to the caves. We do not speak about consciously returning to the lower beings beastly instincts. By no means! It is only important to understand the organization and mission of the human organisms biological system, and also the essence of phenomena it undergoes during the progress of human civilization. It is necessary to assist this system to completely meet the requirements imposed on it and secure strong health as the foundation, which is absolutely required for effective manifestation of the Spirit.

It is necessary to preserve all valuable ancient biological programs that have empirically evolved to guarantee life on Earth for millions of years. And on their base it is necessary to build the practice spiritualizing and introducing through oneselves on the Earth those that are possible for a human only.

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