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Female and Male Training Styles

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Female and male styles of training differ in the dominance of particular qualities pertaining to the majority of women or men at birth. In fact, these match Tha or Ha orientation of styles and only have different names, with the accent on natural strength or flexibility abilities.

Female or male styles are usually formed by the people who first exploit the qualities given to a child at birth, and who do not strive to balance the opposing gender.

Female style is based on deep hyper-mobility of the joints, smooth movements and plasticity. At the same time for dynamic links this style usually uses simple (in terms of strength) stepping, jumping or somersault-based techniques.

And the male style is based on strength functional training form, power and fast actions. For dynamic links, this style uses different classical gymnastic and exotic handstands, headstands, acrobatic somersaults, sklepki, and flips, requiring advance coordination and strength endurance.

Since the moving principle of Yoga practice is harmony and overcoming duality, the female and male approaches become mutually complementary components of a united practice. In this event assault the Margin of the Boundless begins with underdeveloped elements and lacking qualities, i. e., mens primary goal is to gain lacking female qualities (plasticity, sensitivity, logical ambiguity, etc.), whereas women strive for male qualities (strength, endurance, purpose, etc.)

This approach develops an understanding of the opposite origin and shows Tolerance to be the main moral principle. It terminates rigid convictions, removes different gender conflicts, and supports Peace in the World.

Spiritual transformation occurs solely through the heroic action of overcoming personal defects and gaining previously unattainable qualities. There are numerous examples of women being initially flexible (but weak) entering a Yoga group which practiced female Tha-style and featured stretching exercises. From the very beginning, they were capable of doing the most complicated stretching exercises, but since they achieved such results without any spiritual effort, they usually undervalued it, and quickly lost interest in Yoga practice and stopped training.

In the same manner, having initially superior strength, men start to parade with handstands, etc., without noticing their own stiffness and ignoring physical and psychic plasticity. This only leads to strengthening their feeling of personal physical superiority, and blocks spiritual development.

Many say that they want to develop, without realisation that they are lazy and reluctant to change what is rooted deep in their sub-conscious. This laziness and reluctant in sub-conscious covered by the masks of beautiful gestures and words, exploiting the qualities given to one at birth. But this is only an illusion of development when compared to people who were deprived of such natural superior abilities at the birth.

Most often professionals make this mistake. In the race for superiority during competition, they exploit readily available qualities that enable them to take a head start and feel superior to their competitors. Such teachers should remember the main moral principles of Yoga honesty and truth, since ignoring them is subject to karmic punishment and inevitably leads to defeat, and terminates the spiritual way.

Spiritual advancement and development is an absolutely personal business, and it should be sought only for oneself, rather than for self-assurance in the superiority over anyone else. Rarely it is possible to meet a correctly oriented Spiritual Warriors who had developed by themself the qualities that were not given to them by birth. Truthfully, practical realization of deep Human Origin is worthy of admiration.

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