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One of a Thousand Algorithms of Special Training

Training at various yoga practice levels Varieties of Physical Limits
Training Varieties Ha, Tha and Ha-Tha styles
Training Time Training Place
Protection and Safety Hierarchy of Complexes
Relation of the Limits in the Body and the Spirit One of a Thousand Algorithms of Special Training
«First Side» Self-Resistance Mode
Correct Mood Female and Male Training Styles
Static and Dynamic Modes Relation of Breath with Form and Movement
Ancient Health Standard

A full algorithm of special training usually supposes several consecu tive stages:

1. Preliminary determination of initial imbalance of the consciousness, and the formation or anticipation of the goal of the training.

2. Starting creation of mood — focusing the rays of attention from the periphery to the center.

3. Activation and increase of the capacity of the psychic-energy processes with the aid of Pranayamas, Surya Namaskar, Chandra Namaskar sequences, or the Shiva Nata (Dance of Shiva) movements (see below).

4. Comprehensive or selective influence of body’s elements with the help of warm-up non-marginal Asanas and Vinyasas.

5. Assault of one’s limits and the liberation of bio-nuclear energy of the links (see below) in the practice of over-the-limit Asanas.

6. Physical compensation, relaxation and psychic-energy stabilization by using compensation Asanas and psyche-controlling willpower exercises.

7. Using the generated free energy for isolated psychic-energy practice of Rasas, expanding the range of perception, contemplation and realisation of the unity of the «internal and external subspaces».

8. Adapting to one’s «social environment» by placing a flexible psychic-energy filter to protect oneself or narrowing the range of perception down to the boundaries of common social «norm».

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