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Relation of the Limits in the Body and the Spirit

Training at various yoga practice levels Varieties of Physical Limits
Training Varieties Ha, Tha and Ha-Tha styles
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Relation of the Limits in the Body and the Spirit One of a Thousand Algorithms of Special Training
«First Side» Self-Resistance Mode
Correct Mood Female and Male Training Styles
Static and Dynamic Modes Relation of Breath with Form and Movement
Ancient Health Standard

The state of the physical body of a man is a materialized memory of his style of life within the last couple of months. The qualities of the physical body are the indicators of what motivations are driving this man, what the essence of his life is, and what he/she actually is. At the same time, the in-born, and the acquired qualities of the body, determine the moral and abilities of the human consciousness.

So, it is not hard to trace the connection between the qualities of the body and the abilities of the man.

If the body is solid, tendinous and muscular the man is, as a rule, active, categorical, sometimes psychically firm, ascetic, easy-going, concentrates easily, and manages to do a lot of things in his life. On the contrary, if the body is tender and weak, the man is, as a rule, lazy, has a lot of desires, is weak in character, absent-minded, slow, always late and hardly completes duties which require concentration. Of course, these relations are not absolute, but, nevertheless, can be traced quite clearly.

Any regular training grafts particular qualities of both the body and the Spirit. Long-term development of the Tha-qualities in the body (such as flexibility, calisthenics, and gentleness) will sooner or later be reflected by the state of Spirit. Initially, a concentrated man will gradually become calm and balanced, but slow and, possibly, phlegmatic. It will be harder and harder for him to concentrate and pull things together. On the contrary, that one, who initially was slow, and could hardly concentrate, will, after starting with strength exercises in the Ha-style, in time become pulled together, will learn to concentrate, fight in life and completely perform his duties.

In order to develop the unusual and broader characteristics of the Spirit, it is necessary to totally develop the body’s qualities in the course of training, qualities such as: flexibility, static and dynamic strength, static and dynamic endurance, coordination and speed (reaction).

Practicing the marginal Asanas develops flexibility, static strength and endurance. These assist in obtaining «internal» peace and balance in the consciousness, and call for the ability to strongly concentrate on any life task and to remain in this state for a long period of time without getting tired.

Dynamic strength and endurance are developed by the regular practice of various Vinyasas and by dynamic strength exercises. This burns harmful substances and extra fat stored in the body, improves health, brings contentment, and increases life tonus. A man becomes active, «easy-going» and cheerful.

Coordination and speed (reaction) are developed, by practicing balance Asanas and the dynamic movements of the Dance of Shiva (see below). This calls for an ability to instantly and to effectively react to changes in a given situation, to easily control and coordinate different events, and to keep a balanced social life.

Through complex training, the Spirit acquires a worthy instrument and perfect carrier — the Body, possessing all the abilities and qualities required for the complete realization of spiritual ideals in life. Ignoring this simple rule usually leads to the situation where the Spirit is ready to «fly», but the feeble body is incapable even to crawl.

It is only the first impression that leads one to believe that the essence of complex training implies only the development of physical qualities. In fact, the main work is at the level of controlling structures and their functional abilities. And the results, which are the fastest and closest to reality, occur within the Spirit through physical training, rather than through any other purely meditative or speculative mind techniques. Although this may seem strange, but practice, which employs the physical plane, is the closest to the Spirit. This is possibly why throughout history, and in all the spiritual traditions of the world, the most spiritually advanced people developed themselves and strengthened their Power of Spirit through various physical and ascetic deeds (up to «self-excruciation»), thus allowing the placing of Personal Spirit over bodily matter.

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