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Training at various yoga practice levels

Training at various yoga practice levels Varieties of Physical Limits
Training Varieties Ha, Tha and Ha-Tha styles
Training Time Training Place
Protection and Safety Hierarchy of Complexes
Relation of the Limits in the Body and the Spirit One of a Thousand Algorithms of Special Training
First Side Self-Resistance Mode
Correct Mood Female and Male Training Styles
Static and Dynamic Modes Relation of Breath with Form and Movement
Ancient Health Standard

The beginning level of yoga practice includes exercises that can only be practiced in special hothouse conditions in a temple, gym or at home. Therefore, beginners who do not have sufficient knowledge about the Purpose of the Tradition of Yoga and the essence of practical rituals, associated with physical, breathing or contemplation exercises, with an atmosphere of prayered Place, with mystery and participation to something special and mysterious. But, after completing the training and leaving this special Place, beginners return to the swirl of their routine life and usually forget about the practice of Yoga. They become normal and ordinary. Then they become licentious and make a great many karmic mistakes (sins).

In the course of accumulating practical experience at advanced Yoga practice levels, all of lifes actions turn into particular varieties of training. They become conscious, oriented towards the realization of ones intent in life and the achievement of the harmony of being.

Then, the esoteric mist surrounding all things related to the dogma and mystery of special ritual practices dissipates and changes into ordinary but conscious actions based on the Knowledge of the Essence of ritual actions.

Various exercises, which can comprise the training program, are varieties of Dharaha, the exercises in concentration of attention, which promote the strengthening of ones personal Power of Spirit and serve as the foundation for Dhyana contemplation. When the spiritual concentration level reaches some critical point, the result is a spiritual explosion that turns ones whole life into Dhyana contemplation. Then personal motivations in life are replaced by divine predestination. When this happens, ones self-assurance and ones feeling of self-exclusiveness are replaced with Wisdom and Simplicity.

The growing up of the Spirit is the natural process where leaps by wish and by mind are impossible. That is why there is no sense to try to become perfect in ones mind. Fictional properties, which are not confirmed by sufficient practical experience, will remain only fantasies. Perfection can only be reached within the Spirit. And no one will say when the explosion of ego will take place, or when enlightenment occurs and divinity comes. Will this occur in the present life, or is this destined only to happen far in ones remote future? Everything depends on when the concentration will reach the required limit, and sufficient personal Power of Spirit has been accumulated. Therefore, the best thing to be done is to strive, truly and tirelessly, for the Purpose of the Tradition of Yoga, which implies irreproachable actions and uninterrupted concentration in life.

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