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Kundalini Organizing Power

Life Source Rasas Psychic-Energy Dominants
Sri Yantra Universal Yoga Technology Diagram Kundalini Organizing Power
Mrita Mudra

Kundalini rests with any living or inanimate object as a Power, supporting its life and organization. There are methods to make it change. This leads to the total reorganization of the material structure, its transformation or transmutation.

Kundalini is an organizing Power, free energy of transformation. Its manifestations should be treated with honor. Some esoteric schools erroneously believe that the manifestations of Kundalini may be fatal. But this opinion only belongs to those who do not have a complete understanding of Universe, no practical experience of interacting with it, or are pathologically afraid of changes.

The process of raising the Kundalini is simple, but where are those, strong in Spirit, who have intent to realize it?

The arousing of Kundalini only requires three regular components:

  • complex cleansing of the organism (in particular, of the psychic-energy channels);
  • at least six months accumulation of a strong life power potential through maximum control of various wastes of energy (minimum actions, food, sex, words, thoughts, and social contacts);
  • activation, putting in good order and sublimation of energy in the course of intensive training (Asanas, Uijajai and Bhastrika Pranayamas).

In the event the burning has taken place, it is absolutely required to be alert and remain detached. The ascending energy is sublime, transiting from one energy center to another, and causing confusing temptations in each of them. The process of raising the energy resembles a ball being taken up by a fountain spout. And if the water of the fountain is pulsing, i.e., there is no internal detachment and balance, the ball will, at some moment, slip and fall down.

When Kundalini enters any of the energy centers, the psychological events that are determined by these centers begin to manifest themselves in an extremely powerful manner, simultaneously, on both poles. For example, upon reaching the second center there is simultaneous feeling of sexual temptation and sexual disgust. Upon reaching the fourth center, the practitioner is overfilled with love, charity, friendliness and, at the same time, hatred, antipathy, and hostility. Reaching the sixth center results in manifestation of super-capabilities, allowing simultaneously curing and creating or destroying and burning to ash.

Desire for any of the factors diverts the rising energy towards this desire. It is experienced in a very powerful manner. For example, going through the second center, one can experience autonomous sexual satisfaction of such power that after such experience the opposite sex will never cause serious interest, since the person who experienced it will subsequently understand that no sexual partner will ever be able to satisfy him so entirely.

Having reached the fourth center, the practitioner may exhaust himself with the tears of joy, universal love or total grief, or may stream hatred to all beings.

The diverting power of feeling the object of desire satisfies and fills the adept to such extent that the desire itself is burned out. This is the Fire Gehenna; and it is a deep spiritual cleansing. But this also burns all of the free energy accumulated in the course of a long-term ascetic life. And further psychic-energy practice will again require long months of diligent accumulation of such energy, drop-by-drop. There is also a slight risk of going out your mind, burning out desires in such a manner. And the majority of practitioners usually do not know what their future life will be, or whether they will be able to accumulate a sufficient amount of energy once again. It would be better to orient towards faultless movement only upwards, using intuition, without being distracted by the objects of desires

The centers which were passed are turned inside out and become cold Sitting in lotus, drop your hands down and find no floor below (levitation). The hair on the crown seems to be pulled upward by somebody. The stormy sound of all keys of an organ pressed all at the same time, increases like a snowball Ultraviolet transiting into a blinding white light Hop-p And the usual Picture of the World no longer exists Only the Unique, silver-streaming, Substance, vibrating with myriad shades vibrating lines, lines, lines There is no Onlooker and objects There where was a chair, a carpet, you One there is only a different rate of vibrations Half a step up and Death. You go?.. A numb feeling of the presence of Death The last switch of auto-turning off The Blackness of the Absence

The High Power alone is capable of switching back. In this event, everything returns back: thoughts, images, perception reappear spontaneously again. But alredy will never be the same again. Everything that was of any value is destroyed within minutes.

Now it is not the literature, but personal experience that tells that All is One! You Saw It, Felt It, You Were In It. No Doubt. Begone heresy of splitting and dualism. Simplicity and Wisdom leave no place for the hunger for power.

Kundalini is a spiritual teacher. When raising It, It shows everything which is required and important to know about oneself. And when acquire such a Master, reading books and being a student of other teachers looses its meaning. Kundalini opens the entrance to Tantra, where the Energy shows and teaches everything.

One should not be afraid of raising Kundalini If this is your destiny from the incarnation, you will survive it. So what? Of course, there is some danger. Life is generally dangerous. But if one uses intuition and determined intent, there is a chance of success. And there are those who manage to survive it alone, without any teacher-assistants. This is possible even here, far from India and, in fact, this was always possible and happened everywhere, in all times, even for the ones who did not know the word Kundalini.

But this way is not for old, exhausted and wornout people. They have wasted themselves, and their Karma will no longer allow them to take wing in this life. Young people, however, have many more chances. They are pure, and their energy stores are active

Besides, this practice is not meant for dummies. They have no chances as they always rely on someones prompt

Believe in yourself!

It happens that the raising is effected in several stages. During the first day, when a person manages to wake up Kundalini, it only becomes possible to deliver it into Susumna. On the next day, one may manage to lead it higher and achieve the second or the third center. But if the amount of the free energy is insufficient, it descends again. The process of raising Kundalini may last for months. And even the complete raising may be followed by the return back.

But sometimes it happens so that the raising is not followed by a descent.

    For the first time the feeling is strange A dead body alive Cold and senseless There is a mute question hanging in the air: Why is the body still alive?.. Through Vision and Abnormal Abilities Unclaimed Might and Power But everybody around is warm They want and want and want something Strive for something Why are all these?.. Cool peace Later you get used to it and take no notice of the transmutation

What happens during the years of transformation related to the awakening and movement of Kundalini may have a feedback reaction of at least the same duration. When the inverted descending flow is effective for the same period of time, the activation of the lower centers and the relevant lunar biological dominants return.

And happened just one. When everything comes to an end and is balanced, the mountains become Mountains, and rivers turn into Rivers!

One should not mix up wide warm flows inside the body, which occur during the practice of oriental martial arts or Taoist Yoga with the movement of Kundalini. These flows are connected with the movement of blood and some reactions of the nerve system. But they are too far from the subtle electric ray of cold ultraviolet Kundalini.

During the raising of Kundalini, inside Sushumna, there is a biological chain reaction.

Each nerve cell has several sprouts linked to other nerve cells. When the potential of the sexual burning (Kanda) gives the first impulse to the nerve sprouts at the bottom of the spine, the adept makes spiritual efforts promoting the spreading of the excitement upwards, towards the brain, rather than towards sexual organs. If this comes off, the excitement starts to spread upwards.

Each nerve cell conveys the excitement to several rather than one cell, each of which, consequently, conveys the excitement to another several cells, etc. The organization of the spine becomes more sophisticated and expands from bottom to top.

    When the excitement reaches the brain it flashes, radiating bright psychic light Like a 220 V electric lamp connected to 550 V Burns And how it is burning bright But not a long time At the same time with the rousing of Kundalini there is a swelling loud sound and the blinding bright light increases The eyes radiate psychic power of such capacity that you can shoot with them, firing other people. The people surrounding you flash and start radiating too, without understanding anything, and, smiling, bow with gratitude. And you go on firing the next people, without being distracted to the latter

This is all the result of the biological chain reaction.

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