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Sri Yantra — Universal Yoga Technology Diagram

Life Source Rasas — Psychic-Energy Dominants
Sri Yantra — Universal Yoga Technology Diagram Kundalini — Organizing Power
Mrita Mudra

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Sri means «saint, sacred». Yantra — an object for contemplation, realizing the qualities of which allows one to penetrate into the essence of the object.

Sri Yantra means the main sacred object for contemplation, for which our case uses the «Universal Yoga technology diagram» (see Fig. 41).

Sri Yantra includes the graphic representation of Asanas consisting of forty two main sectors and four levels of mobility of the organic body; Vinyasas — five principal «psychic-energy Mandalas»; Pranayamas — twelve principal characteristics and factors accompanying the breath; Rasas — eight main psychic-energy types; and the double-sided Swastika — a symbol of equilibrium of the natural and reversed flows within the Unity of the Universe.

Contemplation on Sri Yantra allows one to realize various aspects of the practice and to penetrate into the essence of the ancient and modern Tradition of Yoga.

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