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The main peculiarity of the Vinyasas is a powerful psychic-energy influence, which is based on several effects:

  1. Changing the position of the head and the spine acts on the basic ties of the sub-conscious to the Earths gravitation field, which causes powerful reactions in the basic instincts of the sub-conscious and increases the tension of the psychic-energy structure field.
  2. Spinal formations within opposing sectors exert strong influence on the vegetative nervous system, initiating spinal energy flows and increasing body temperature (increasing heat literally melts the tissues).
  3. Deep breathing brings enormous energy into the system, and, like a tonometer, tunes all of the flows to a single rhythm, which produces a reverberating energy surge.
  4. The connection of attention with breathing rhythm stops thinking, and in this case the mind energy becomes free and sublimates into the intellect.
  5. Physical efforts actuate energy circulation in the extremities channels.

Those Vinyasas that incorporate all five of these effects provide the most powerful effect on the psychic-energy system. They provide for simultaneous positions of the head and the spine with respect to the gravitational component, spinal formation among opposing sectors, synchronization of the movement and the breath, and the training of the main groups of the body muscles. In essence, these are the Principal Vinyasas.

Principal Vinyasas are usually used to start and untwist the so-called Psychic-energy Mandala. This results in the rapid development of the practitioners psychic-energy power, increase the body temperature, activation of the internal metabolism processes, comprehensive cleansing of the energy channels and the organic body of polluting substances, and efficient training of the principal groups of muscles. Usually they are performed one by one, using key forms of the body or in sequences consisting of 3, 6, 12 or more repetitions.

Principal Vinyasas are integrated into training sessions at the points requiring energy activation and charging.

The value of the Principal Vinyasas in the practice of Yoga can not be overstated. Nothing can be compared to them in terms of the powerful impact on the psychic-energy system.

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