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What styles of yoga do you practice?
Universal Yoga
Iyengar Yoga
Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga
Power Yoga
Vinyasa-Flow Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Tri Yoga
Ha-Tha Yoga
Vini Yoga
Anusara Yoga
Pure Yoga
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 Organic formation theory
The system of expanding and balancing the Arsenal of forms
Psychic-energy Mandala
Position of the Form in the dimensional space
Multilevel Vinyasas Algorithm
Hierarchy of Vinyasas

 Energy formation theory
Association of breathing with the state of consciousness
Combined Control
Six characteristics of breathing
Six factors accompanying the breath
Sri Mantra

 Field formation theory
Life Source
Rasas — Psychic-Energy Dominants
Sri Yantra — Universal Yoga Technology Diagram
Kundalini — Organizing Power
Mrita Mudra

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