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The time has come to step beyond only training methods and instructions, to the understanding of the True Goal and realization of technological essence of the Yoga Tradition. In the last few years numerous sources on Yoga have been published, (these had previously been totally unavailable or very rare). But presently there is little knowledge available in print about the universal laws and phenomenas essential to the foundation of Yoga practices not depending on differences of practical styles. And this gap may be filled by this site.

People in modern society have lost the ability to trust in words. In order to take action they need to know a lot of about a specific goal and a means to accomplish it, and without this they find a lot of reasons to have doubts.

Thats why I devoted this site to a generalization and systematization of accumulated experience, guide to help better perceive the world one is dealing with by following the Tradition of Yoga. While the karmic choice of how to use this knowledge in the future, and which schools and styles to follow, is left to the readers Free Will.

Writing in any field always lags behind the temps of development and the true progress of the knowledge in that field, for new experience and perception come faster that one can write about them.

It is a common rule that upon the completion of a site that new practical experience and a deeper understanding of the texts content make its material seem hopelessly out-of-date. But, of course, not for the readers; thisseems to be an ever-lasting story. This is precisely why I quite clearly understand that this book is only meant to summarize a particular stage of development, and that tomorrows new experience may lead to new horizons of the truth, and then, possibly, I will have to criticize myself.

In this site I have tried to avoid the rewording of available information, and to write only about matters which have never been published in any special literature before, or to view well known aspects of Yoga practices with a new angle. Therefore, the greater part of this books content is original and has never been published before.

This site uses the Sanskrit names of Asanas, Pranayamas, Bandhas and Mudras according to the terminology and technique of the authoritative book by B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Yoga, since it is widely available and known to the majority of Yoga practitioners.

The site also includes chapters dealing with insufficiently investigated processes that I have encountered in the practice of yoga. I hope that the reader will be open-minded to these materials and introduce their own view to the development and complete perception of these issues. The techniques of any exercises described in this site may give the impression that they are overcomplicated and not suitable for you. This is not really so. What you need to do is to get rid of maximalism and not to try on yourself the exercises of advanced leveles immediately. The perfect system can satisfy the demands of every person, from a feeble beginner to an advanced teacher. One only needs to correctly evaluate ones capabilities and true level of development, and remember that the progress depends only on you. It is unnecessary to compare your abilities with those of other Yoga practitioners. In exactly the same way you should not deem this system as not being suitable for you because your actual level of development is still not very high.

The making of this site was preceded by many years of the search for knowledge, persistent practice and realization of laws serving the basis for the Tradition of Yoga. And I have been lucky to study the practices and techniques of different Yoga schools and styles. At the same time I have always resorted to Free Style in my practice, combining the knowledge I learned through study, the feeling of the Supreme Goal, and my own findings that incorporate the most effective elements of various styles.

The majority of experienced practitioners who have followed the Tradition of Yoga for a long time sooner or later come to the same place.

This site contains no basic techniques, and therefore one may have the impression that the material proposed here can hardly be used in practice. It is totally wrong to think that. In this site the reader will fine something better than simple techniques of exercises. It contains Universal Keys to the Knowledge of Yoga. These Universal Keys will allow the individual to design a training program and at the same time remain creatively free and independent. Among the basic set of exercises, the best one is the individual program developed especially for you.

The system represented herein suggests consciousness of the practitioner. It has been created for those who possess practical Yoga experience and Wisdom. It is for those capable of using the Knowledge, Seeing the Substance of Phenomena and Acting Consciously and Creatively.

Few practice this consciousness, but those who do are leaders.

The basis of the text of this site is served by the Spirit of Unity which coveys the gist of the Yoga Tradition without trespassing on Your Freedom and life mission.

The information is like a traffic sign, but everyone must, using ones own karmic motivations, independently decide where and why to go.

Life is an ancient fairy tale. Like ancient travellers, everyone still faces the cross-road stone What do I choose? Do I go straight Turn to the right Have a rest here or turn back?

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