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Andrey Lappa
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Andrey Lappa bio

Andrey Lappa is one of the most qualified and influential masters and professional teachers of yoga in the all ex-soviet territory. All his life he traveled and lived a long time in eastern countries: Mongolia, India, Nepal, Burjatia, Siberia and others, where he developed skills with world known teachers, as well as learned from concealed from general attention but unusually vigorous ezotheric-practitioners. His books: "Dynamic practices in classical yoga" and "Yoga: Tradition of Unification" become best sellers in 1999-2000 in ex-soviet countries. Andrey is also a good computer programmer and he has designed programs for teaching yoga which have proven to be very useful for his many students.

Tashi monastery. Tibet, 1999 Having exceptional psychic-energety abilities and posses key principals of Yoga he uses in his practice powerful and effective Universal Style. This Style unites best sides of other existing styles and foundings, as well as all life experiense, which is tight to Yoga. In the base of this Style lies continuesly developing model, taking any precious practicul information which comes from anyone and anywhere. Therefore practicing this Style can be various and can vary methodical accent in presice way of an individual starting motivations and goals. In practice of Universal Stile anderlies grows of Power of Spirit, Knowlage, Awerness and strugling to Freedom. But first of all Universal Stile oriented on the Moral and Spiritual perfection of yoga practitioner.


Andrey Lappa was first exposed to Eastern culture in 1977 in Mongolia, where he lived with his parents. There he began to practice yoga, which became the spiritual basis of his life. Simultaneously, he also devoted many years to underwater swimming, receiving a Masters of Sports in the USSR in 1987 and for several years, serving as a member of the Ukrainian national combined team. In 1988, he graduated from Kiev's Politech University with a degree in Engineering and he perfected professional skills like software engeneer. Even then he knew that his future career would be devoted to yoga.

Andrey begun to promote and teach yoga professionally in 1987, and in 1991 his qualification was confirmed with a certificate from the Indian Embassy in Moscow, authorizing him to teach yoga as a profession in the former USSR. During 1994 the Ambassador of India in Ukraine rewarded Andrey with an opportunity to study at the Yoga Institute with the world famous teacher B.K.S.Iyengar. That was his first visit to India. Later, Andrey, travelled, studied and lived in India and Nepal for extended periods of time. He continued to develop his own yoga practice, studying with B.K.S. Iyengar in Puna and Yogacharia Rudra at Sivananda Ashram in Rishekesh in the Himalayas foothills. He was the first Russian speaking student to study with world known yoga teacher Sri K. Patthabi Jois of Mysore; he was educated at the Vishnudevanda Yoga School in Dehli; he received individual lectures about yoga at the Mission of Ramakrishna in Dehli and Kaniakumary; several times,; he had a long course of individual lectures with one of the oldest Krishnamacharia students and his present deputy in temple of Sri Brahmatantra Svatantra Parakalasvami Mut in Mysore, B.N.S. Iyengar; he took a full course of lectures about Viniyoga during conference in USA with Krishnamacharia's son, Desikachar; for a long time, he practiced various types of meditation and took part in initiation ritual at Osho ashram with Bhagavan Sri Rajnish. At that time (during initiation) he was named Chetan Uttsarga -"Gifted with Consciousness"); he was accepted in Sri Aurobindo Ghosh Community and lived in Auroville over a long period of time; he had training in the ancient Indian marshial art - Kalarypayat in Trivendram and also ancient styles of Indian dance - Bharata Natyam in Madras and Odissy in Kiev with one of the best Indian dance master - Pratibha Jena. In addition, for years in Kiev, Andrey learned the art of Zyong-Shin and Viet-Vo-Dao with Vietnamese masters, Chan Chung Zung and Chan Ti Zung; as well he practised Karate under guidance of Ukrainian Champion.

Regarding deep understanding and the art of teaching, in 1998, the Ambassador of India in the Ukraine officially recommended Andrey as a "yoga teacher, possessed with qualification to conduct training on yoga for instructors in medical and sports institutes and universities."

During his lifetime Andrey has done a lot of travelling. For one year he lived in Mongolia with his parents. During his last school years as a member of the Ukrainian combined team and in student years with like-minded people he visited many mountain regions of ex-Soviet Union; he was in the Carpathians, Crimea, Caucasus, Altai, Tien Shan, in Fanas, Khibinas, on Baikal Lake, Caspian, White, Black seas and on Sakhalin. He visited dazans in Buryatia and mosques in Samarkand, Buhara, Fergana, Tajikistan highlands. Later, during his first six month in India, besides yoga studies, Andrey was fortunate to see this country in all its diversity and visit more than 70 ashrams and spiritual places. He was an eye-witness to the war in Shrinagara, the Kashmir capital. He was inspired with the spirit of tantric tradition by the Indian temples in Kajuraho, Konarak, Bhubaneshwar and Puri. He observed the shocking rites of self-flagellation in Benares, reached deepest peace in "Vasishthy Cave" in Himalayas. He realised the continuity of religious traditions in cave temples of Ellora and Ajanta, penetrated into sacred sense of Odissi and Tamilnadu temple dances. He admired the freedom of deserts and the might of Radjasthan bastions. He meditated in the tiny smoky cave of first the Lamaist Tantric Buddhist teacher in Lamayuru in Ladakh. He walked the long pedestrian paths in the Himalayas. Att the foot of the World peak - Chomo-Lung-Mo (Everest). He took part in praying in ancient temples in Himalayas as well as many different places unknown to the West, but which keep precious spiritual heritage. During his traveling, Andrey, used the opportunity to study not only with famous yogis, but with less known, although, sometimes more authorial and irreproachable teachers and sadhus, expanding and extending knowledge about the practice and spirituality of the Yoga Tradition.

Andrey discovered rare yogis techniques, studied and developed the theory and practical method of the Dance of Shiva - an ancient shivaist art of yoga, which was a base for early Buddhist marshial art's styles in South of China.

Andrey has taken part in 16 conferences dedicated to yoga in Russia and the USA. He personally knows and has friendships with world known teachers from India, Vietnam, America and Australia.

Many times he has associated with the Knowledge Custodians of different schools and spent a lengthy periods in private and state libraries of India. He has succeeded in finding and bringing to the USSR, publishing and translating into Russia ancient and modern texts on the theory and yoga practice. Andrey also has a unique collection of modern and archive video materials on various yoga styles, thus, giving people an opportunity to see the most effective and popular practical yoga series in the world. This new information on practice has lead to intensive realization and transformation of training methods used before. As a result, there has been a real training-technological revolution on the ex-soviet teritory, which has broadened the numbers of practitioners and has lifted up the level of consciousness within practitioners, trainers and teachers. Since 1987 Andrey Lappa has continuously taught yoga, withdrawing for periods of pilgrimage to the East and collaboration in seminars and conferences on yoga in other cities and countries. During these years he has taught yoga basics to more than 2000 people and he has trained four yoga masters. He has conducted extensive individual and group training among former USSR professionals. During years, Andrey regularly trained individually and conducts intensive seminars and teachers trainings in cities of the former USSR, USA, Israel, Germany, France, Greece and Nepal.

With the help of his students, he has created two very developed and largest yoga centers in Kiev (capital of Ukraine). And he took a part in development of specialized yogacenters in Moscow, Odessa, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Odessa, Novosibirsk and other cities of the ex-soviet union.

Since 1999, Andrey Lappa has been the president of Kiev's Yoga Federation. Possessing many key principals and a deep understanding of yoga technology essence, Andrey uses in his practice and teaching a wide variety of the most effective methods and yoga styles, and this has lead to students developing super abilities, consciousness and freedom from spiritual dependence.

Andrey is the author of the book "Yoga: Tradition of Unification", of the preface to "Dynamic Practices in Classical Yoga" and also the description of Tensegryti's third exercise complex. He has collaborated in producing photo materials and editions of the books -"Kundalini-Tantra" and "Kundalini - the Transformation Energy". Presently, Andrey, is participating in a publishing project, entitled, "Anthology of Yoga". Andrey is author of eight yoga posters: "Universal Free Style Yoga", "Introduction to Universal Yoga", "Universal Partner Yoga", "Shri Yantra", "Multiasana", "Dance of Shiva 1st level", "Dance of Shiva 2nd level", "Dance of Shiva universal diogram" (see detales on web-site pages). Andrey is author of Dance of Shiva video electronic training programs for computers (1st-8th levels) and 22 DVDs - Teachers Training lectures and different examples of substiles of Universal Free Style Yoga in English and in Russian (see detales on web-site pages).

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