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Karma Lekshey Ling Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal.
This authorization for UY golden certification students only.

Date: 2019 4/14~5/4 (21 days).
Place: Leksheyling monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Teachers: Andrey Lappa, Ivan Sviridov and Laura Lhamo.
Hostage: Hearts View Yoga Association

Session Content Note
Choose two of one (at the same time):
1. Self-practice: Choose one out of 18 standard UY sequences to practice.
Teachers will correct your skills.
2. Certification exam at any of this program days: You can choose one out of 18 standard UY sequences for your authorization. Without theory. Afternoon Free time - siteseen (optional).

Universal yoga sequence authorization & self-practice essential Items to bring with you:
1.Two yoga mats
2.Bring all of your own golden certificates to take a part in this program.
3.Practice sequences recieved by you during your UY certification programs.

Note for Registration:
Registration date: before 3/30

Registration Procedures:
Fill and send your registration form (see below here) --> Deposit payment -->
Verification --> Receive e-mail for confirmation.

Tuition: (include brunch, dinner and airport pick-up).
Prices are in USD:
All 14 days $1400
7 days $800
3 days $450
Deposit payment: (before 3/30)
Paypal: Deposit $100 to (no refund)
✤ The rest of tuition shall be pay via US cash to the staff in class.

Registration form to fill and send to the following e-mail address:
Your full name:
Your nationality:
Your phone number with international code:
Your e-mail address:
Your last golden certificate date and number:
Your enroling dates, full programe, 7 days, 3 days (specify exact dates):
E-mail to send your Registration form to: (will be announced later)

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