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"Hot Yoga for Life" studio, Portland, USA.
Join Universal Yoga Founder, Andrey Lappa, for
Level 2 Training (100 hours) in Portland, OR
January 25th - February 5th, 2019
Portland, Oregon, USA

What is Universal Yoga?

For several decades, Guruji Andrey Lappa studied and practiced yoga in Nepal, India and other countries to master the complexities of many different lineages of yoga. Culminating from his life-long experience, he designed an all-encompassing system of yoga: Universal Yoga.

Universal Yoga is a lineage of yoga designed specifically for spiritual growth. This system of yoga uses traditional methods and techniques that originate from the rich philosophical heritage of Hinduism, Buddhism and Tantra, and it combines them with principles from modern science. The goal is to inspire all beings towards karmic liberation or enlightenment. This training is for anyone who is seeking more consciousness and depth within their yoga practice.

Details of Level 2 Training Program:

The Level 2 training will teach you to master Universal Yoga Mandala sequencing techniques. You'll also learn incredible personal practices and kriyas (purification rituals). Guruji Lappa’s Universal Yoga program is a Yoga Alliance Accredited 300-hour advanced program, and successful participants (who already have a 200-hour credential) can receive a 500-hour certification. The coursework will be co-taught with Raj Patra. Universal Yoga is constantly evolving; therefore, many students repeat courses. Repeating graduates receive a 25% discount.

PREREQUISITE: Level 1 coursework completion or an equivalent education from senior Universal Yoga teachers.

TUITION: $1,800. An additional $100 is required for examination, grading and certification process.

CURRICULUM: In the Level 2 training program, you’ll experience static, passive-active and restorative yoga practices. You'll also take active-active partner yoga and Tantrik Hatha yoga (Asanas as Mudras) classes. Practitioners will learn self-teaching techniques, Level 2 Shiva Nata (the Dance of Shiva) and much more.

LOCATION: Yoga for Life
714 N Fremont Street, Portland OR 97217

CONTACT: Raj Patra, +1 206-992-9031



Come Train in Portland

Portland, Oregon is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We are known for our lush outdoors and locally sourced food. Portland has been voted the #1 Greenest City in America by Time Magazine, Top 20 Cities for Summer Travel by Forbes and one of the The 6 Best Big Cities in the US. The Mississippi Avenue neighborhood surrounds the Yoga for Life studio. In this neighborhood, you'll find lots of artisanal shops and countless quirky food carts, alongside unique restaurants and a great local community.

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