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Doctor and "schizo" (or "beyond the normal")

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Health and contentment Doctor and "schizo" (or "beyond the normal")

Each man has own psychic-physical frequency band, but the individual bands of different people overlap just partially. And that, what is within this overlap band is accepted as a norm, but while going beyond its limit is classified by the doctors as a disease.

For example, the level of hyper-mobility in the joints that is absolutely customary for yogis, practitioners of martial arts and circus performers, doctors unanimously classify as a pathology of the locomotor apparatus. People, having a psychic range which is substantially different from the norm, are referred to as schizophrenics. And it could be possible to consider correct, but with one a very important reservation, if the humans get in such transformed states of consiousness without any control and are unable to navigate in them.

However, what a man consciously achieves, while maintaining control, may not be classified as a disease, since the ability to independently return to the initial normal status and behaviour can be controlled.

So, if somebody allows the atrophy of his muscles due to his lazy way of life, there is a dangerous hyper-mobility in the joints that is mistakenly taken for flexibility. And in some life situations, such people may have shifts in the joints, which can lead to serious injuries to the locomotor apparatus.

With respect to yogis, martial artists and circus performers, their hyper-mobility is developed in a controlled way, and is reinforced by continuous practical experience. They can consciously change energy characteristics in their system, the plasticity of their tissues and consciously enter into pathologic (for a normal-underdeveloped modern man) states, showing wonders (for the same normal man) and in the same conscious fashion return back without any damage to their body or any harm to themselves.

The same can be said with respect to esoteric energy practitioners. Normal people who enter into transformed states of consciousness under circumstances beyond their control, without any understanding of how they entered them, what the dangers are, or how to return, are dangerous to themselves and to the people around them. These people can be called diseased. For the Masters of Kundalini-Yoga, controlling energy of transformation, expanding, narrowing and shifting of the boundaries of their perception of the World, is an absolutely normal practice. These Masters deal with the phenomena that the official medical world classifies as schizophrenia or epilepsy, i. e., diseases. For them, however, this is no disease, but a result of conscious energy control at fine levels of the practice. They maintain social normalcy, and because their altered behavior is under their conscious control it is not dangerous for society, but it is interesting in terms of the acquisition of new progressive experience. It also provides a means to access abnormal phenomena and realize life in all its manifestations.

Because realization and stable control are the guardians of safety and health. And it is not a coincidence that control is one of the meanings of the word of Yoga.

Progress in Yoga is accompanied with the cleansing of energy channels and the improvement of their conductive capability, as well as by the increase of the energy capacity of the psychic-energy structure of a human being. Being clean, a man becomes similar to an amplifier. A sensitive and powerful man reacts to various distracting factors more actively than a normal man, if of course, he does not control himself.

The loss of normal control is often connected with the enormous contrast between the level of fine signals that the purified man has adjusted to in his practice, and the coarse signals that surround him which are absolutely normal to other people. A sensitive man has the shift of the perception band with respect to the middle, common for all people, normal band.

With his expanded perceptions he can make psychic blows of extraordinary capacity, that substantially exceed the initial impacts of anybody coarse. This especially manifests with the people closest to one (in the family), where social links and dependencies are stronger. People close to you often think that they have the right to dictate to you (especially perents concerning their children), and are often unaware that they infringe on the Freedom so valued by every person.

Many people who begin to advance in Yoga are surprised to notice that they become easily angered. But this is an absolute contradiction to the yogi image which implies peace and balance! The reason for all this is the ignorance of a key rule: during the course of progressing in Yoga one should, pro rata to the development of sensitivity, increase control of all thoughts, feelings and actions, since the loss or absence of control in a situation is anti-yoga (separation rather than unification).

Living in society makes it absolutely necessary to understand current social phenomena and undertake necessary measures to preserve the ability to act within the range of the social norm. The coverage of the band of the perception fully depends on the availability of the controlling energy. And expanding the perception range without losing at least a part of the normal band is possible only if one applies additional energy in the controlling system.

This additional free energy may be generated during the course of practice by the bio-nuclear effects of freeing previously used energy of links, and also by total not doing to reduce the loss of energy.

If the striving for perception over-the-margin bands with respect to the normal band is not supported by additional free controlling energy, the expansion of the perception range beyond the normal band is not possible, but a shift of the whole range is possible. On one hand, this introduces a completely new range in the active perception field, but on the other hand, it also is accompanied by the loss of the previously attainable perception range. A substantial shift results in the development of social inadequacy, and an inability to concentrate or perform family and work duties. In general, one can no longer understand and tolerate another people.

In some cases, bio-nuclear effects become a avalanche, where ones range of perception is expanded so much that it leads to the manifestation of various abnormal abilities (siddhi), which become impossible to conceal. In this event such an enlightened man may face social problems. Usually, in such cases, people around of him/her start to condemn him/her without understanding the essence of the phenomena he/she can control, they are afraid of him/her without being aware of their fear.

When this happens, the best way to return to the normal range is to reroute the additional free energy to the training form bank by strength training.

The greatest number of human motivations come from the sub-conscious, and it is absolutely necessary to pay close attention and to learn about yourself. Self awareness and understanding give the possibility to truly comprehend and realize the World.

Regular reviews of all the internal systems during practice of yoga allow one to make timely corrections and stabilize the system as a whole, as a result the contentment with life and the spiritual progress become constant.

And those able to go beyond the normal perception range should not show it to anybody, especially to parade. Not because there is something criminal about it, but because all creatures on the Earth, including modern people, are afraid of anything they do not understand or anything they cannot control. Noticing abnormal abilities, without understanding what is going on, people start to be afraid and prefer to isolate or liquidate those whom they are unable to understand or control, assuming the worst, i. e., danger for themselves. They will never be able to believe that this may be safe for them because the source of their fear comes from the depth of their sub-conscious. Even if people recognize this fear, they are afraid to admit it. Actually this fear lays in the base of abstruse philosophies which justifies violence for the sake of protecting society from the spiritually developed individuals.

All abnormal achievements should be kept secret and should not be used to tease the unconscious, i. e., the biological, beastly origin of a human being. This ancient origin, when it is afraid, is a Beast but with all the attributes and armaments of a modern man. Fighting with this Beast is not a matter of interest for the seekers of the True Knowledge. This mistake may only be made by religious fanatics, claiming that they know the Absolute and Last Truth.

Fanaticism is the worst of sins. Being stuck to one mental idea, you are unable to accept the World in all its manifestations. You are also unable to real love and forgive people who are under a delusion. And inability to understand that in the body of the Infinite always will find a stronger counter-power to any super-power.

The Tradition of Yoga has always insisted on detachment and development of only those abilities that have natural tendencies. And in all times warnings against the practical use of abnormal abilities (Siddhis) sounded. Because the true seeker must be only interested in the awareness of Power that enriches the Spirit, rather than competing in Power. That who strives to develop in the Spirit understands that the kinetics of the action causes reactions in the body of the One, and the conseqences imposed by the Universal Links on the state of the Spirit of those who use abnormal powers and also understands the degree of responsibility for the actions before the High Power.

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