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Disease and health are two notions which should be distinguished in order to correctly understand and interpret the transformation of one’s personality in the course of Yoga practice. The foundation of these notions is the same source of concentrated and balanced form that supports all manifestations of human existence. If all the energies that form a human being are in a relevantly balance state, that person feels well. Moral status and mental-sensory notions of «happiness» are affected by the balance between what a man desires and what he actually has. When a man wants more than he can have, he is dissatisfied and unhappy. When he wants less than he can have (which is an extremely rare case), he is absolutely satisfied with life, and is generous and happy.

If the external circumstances and possibilities are often connected with the personal interests and actions of other people, create the likelihood that personal transformation and adjustment toward this balance will be restricted. But there is always the possibility to expand your abilities by mastering your own potential, and you should be continuously working on yourself and your abilities. Besides the best way to find balance is to control desires and strivings since they can always be under conscious control if one has not lost control by becoming dependent on some habitual desires.

Modern social tendencies create an unlimited increase of desires and destroy what remains of Spiritual independence. These appetites whip up uncontrolled desires so that it becomes impossible for even the richest people on the planet to feel satisfaction and happiness, and they fail to find a true sense of life in their sophisticated amusements.

Balance of the desired and the attainable is mainly achieved through restraining and controlling the feelings and everything desired together with them. And this does not lead to the loss of joy and delight in life, but life simply acquires a true sense.

If somebody really reduces his needs, wishes and ambitions to the level of his possibilities, he becomes satisfied. If his needs are below his abilities, he becomes generous and capable of loving, giving off the excess.

True love is not a wish to be loved, and it is not a wish to receive the energy of the one that loves you in different kinds. It is rather an ability to give up one’s excessive energy with love to other people, but give only that which exceeds what is essential for one’s needs because, in absolute categories, one would then become worse off than others. And if one deprived of your minimum needs, this is the same sin of violence, only toward oneself rather than others. One should not love oneself less than the others, and vice versa. This is purely energy-conditioned phenomena, and there is no moment of stopping and achieving final balance point in it for ever. And only feelings of joy and total contentment with life are the indicators of harmony and balance in each moment of life.

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