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In the East the human master is EVERYTHING for the student. Few westerners can follow this, and it is even hard for them to understand what a master means. Western people are bred in the spirit of freedom and the very fact of being obedient to a master turns their stomachs. But eastern students are delighted with the guidance of their Master.

Western students always discuss and criticize their masters. Their feeling of self-importance is exorbitant and they often feel themselves Great simple because that they are spoken about, or they feel themselves even more Greater, if they represent by themselves at least something. But, of course, they do not realize any of these ego-actions. Where can we find room for resignation, love and pure perception?

For the majority of western students this is a problem for their whole life. They wander from one school to another, doubting whether a particular school deserves to accept them. Life passes and they achieve nothing. They lack the Belief and Vision of the One in every thing. And it is the One who you should learn from.

Criticizing a teacher gives western students self-assurance and raises an ungrounded self-conceit.

Some of them, after running from one school to another, finally begin to understand something in some next school and mistakenly attribute this to the merits of the master of this last school. They negate and condemn previous masters, stating that previous masters had insufficient knowledge and taught poorly. But in this situation they do not understand that without the foundation laid by previous teachers, their flight in the new school would have been impossible. Just the new situation and uncertainty in oneself in the new school helped the student to concentrate better and apply all the experience they acquired before. This causes a miracle, i. e., the flight of new realization and skills, but they have applied the skills acquired in previous schools

The process of teaching is endless and there is no purely esoteric and exoteric knowledge. It is just that some knowledge can be applied and some cannot. But is it possible to say with certainty that the teachers who taught to speak and read in childhood were not real spiritual teachers and have no relation to the development of adepts in the esoteric tradition? Would it be possible to go on learning and understand real masters without understanding language or without being able to read? It certainly depends on the method of passing on the torch of Knowledge in a particular school, but every school has semantic codes and they are not less important as conceptual components in the overall teaching process.

In fact, there should be no antagonism between former students and Masters, since the Knowledge is One. It is just some the stage of their interaction has been completed, and they have become more like a companions rather than strangers to each other. And if to look at the people whose lives are guided by completly different principles, who are at the same closer? These people? Or former teachers, the ones who conveyed all the best that they had? Masters are elder brothers, and the learning process in everybodys life is one an uninterrupted line.

It should be noted that disension between the followers of different popular schools results from self-centeredness and an exaggeration of personal merits for mercenary reasons. The names of Yoga schools, and additional specialized, patented or copyrighted, names contain the weakening traditions of separation. But there is ONLY ONE Tradition. And Yoga means Unification which will, no doubt, save the World.

The societies which realize this and are guided by the principles of national, spiritual, professional, human and other unification develop and flourish in the World.

To follow the master and completely use his practical experience through methods and exercises developed by him. And it is absolutely necessary not just to trust in him, but to believe him without any doubts. This is a common problem for western students. They need to see the demonstration of the masters superiority with their own eyes, and this causes teachers to use various traps for students. These traps are not devised to harm them, but, on the contrary, for the purposes of compensating for their lack of belief, overcoming self doubts and achieving True Knowledge.

Bat there is also the reverse problem. Among the most dignified human Masters, very few are ideal ones. The same as all of us, they are only parts of the Whole and servants of the One. And it is the maximum what they can do is to reflect the uncomparable Power and Magnificence of the One. We will not speak of the fact that some of them use their position for mercenary purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to love them and learn from them, but one should never leave the watch and idealize them.

Remember that when you bow to a priest, you bow to him not as to a man, but to his cassock and divine mission. And the mystery of spiritual initiation does not lie in someone being suppressed, but in ones ability to be submissive, kneel and perceive.

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