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To make practice individualized and perfect, it should be constantly upgraded. This may be done by a good teacher, who is always beside you, or by yourself, tete-a-tete with the Source of Infinite Knowledge.

The times of lazy people willing to follow preset models are in the past. They leave the True Pathway automatically because of their negative reaction to all independent phenomena. Their dependency possesses, a feeling of inferiority, which becomes ingrained by living in a flock.

It is so simple to rely on the authority of the master and sleep for your whole life hoping to get to the Heavens without any effort Question: For what merits? If everything is decided by Personal Power and the age of the Spirit, which only come through practical experience and independent realization.

One can quickly develop by following correct instructions and being inspired by the splendor of the master and the grandeur of his theories and RIDE on his Power of Spirit for the whole of life. But what will happen if he disappears, but the Source of Personal Power has been forgotten?

Of course, we can understand the people who hopelessly disbelieve in themselves and do not think themselves entitled to follow an independent pathway, supposing that they will make a mistake from which they cannot recover. Because a newcomer needs to start at some point to understand the main important, and it is necessary to reach out to assist him by providing training programs and base complexes of various levels and orientations. But, following the Sense of the Tradition it is important to understand that the True Path begins with the independent Challenge into the Great Unknown. And everybody always has access to the Source of Universal Knowledge even if he does not believe in it.

Real things start with the assault of the Limits of the Boundless. And the right to independence and Freedom can never be taken away from us by anybody, since all limitations are not imposed by external circumstances, but by our attitude towards those circumstances. And if one has sufficient Power of Spirit for a heroic effort, and capable of overcoming their own habits, there are no forces that can enslave or restrict Freedom. Because you are not afraid of losing something. All fears are the causes of our habits to desire things, to own things and also the cause of our extreme fear of death as an Unknown. But diffidence in the rightness of practice means the delusion based on the weakness of Spirit.

There is not and there cannot be any improper experience, since everybody knows the common rule that a negative result is always positive.

Whole the history of the development of the Yoga Tradition illustrates how each generation of practitioners made its contribution to the creative rethinking and improvement of Yoga methods. In this century, principal steps were taken to upgrade practice, while preserving the Essence of the Tradition. Integrating all the known experience accumulated by various schools, these changes effectively achieve ancient goals by modern methods. All this was not done by Gods, but by people just like you. Because you have the same right for creative search, heroic efforts and victory in the Spirit.

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