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Immortality becomes possible upon achieving a balance between the wear and the restoration of your biological system.

This requires the use of various means and methods to activate the restoration processes and to mitigate wear that degrades your health, destabilizes your energy structure, exhausts your body and wastes your life power. All religions in the world are aware of the Spirit of Destruction. Its energy is manifested in sinners who perform activities that are grimly followed by the degradation of health and ultimately in Death. It is the Spirit of Destruction that takes your health and your spiritual balance and Power of drug-addicts, alcoholics, heavy eaters, the sexually possessed and other immoral sinners.

Every action requires life energy. Therefore, all actions should be conscious and have meaning. It is necessary to remember that for any deed a man is paying with his life, and it is necessary to learn to avoid doing what wears your life down.

Economy of energy means its accumulation which is necessary for achieving the Goal having the sense.

It was known from the ancient time in the East and recently stated by the science in the West, that the duration of a human life and the lives of all living creatures in the Universe were determined by the number of bio-cycles.

Each living creatures organism has invisible counters measuring how long it will live. They count the duration of life by the number of breath cycles, heart beats, meals, ejaculations, stresses, diseases and other rhythms, as well as by the number of cigarettes smoked, amount of alcohol taken, drugs injected and a number of other factors that people see as their ordinary needs. This idea raises no doubts by old people who, before dying, pay the bills for what they have committed in their youth.

The problem lies in habits, desires, and dependencies that a man aquires then has no power to free himself of. Most often he does not try to be free because he thinks these habits and desires satisfy his sense of purpose.

It is necessary to love yourself for the sake of the Higher Sense of Life, and gradually replace harmful habits by conscious control of the physical effort, sexual energy, emotions, words, thoughts, money or any other life energy.

The body is a perfect self-restoration instrument when it is not hampered, or even better when it is assisted by cleansing its systems, psychic-energy structure, and its surroundings from any pollution. Restore bodys life energy through natural training, reducing the number of free radicals, supporting biochemical balance with a pure and correct diet that contains sufficient amounts of vitamins and microelements. Train your body to adapt to different climatic conditions by water tempering, steaming in a sauna or banya, by spending maximum time in the open air or by any other means, which are already known or which will be found in future.

Long life is not a purpose in itself. It is not important how long a man lives, but most important how he lives. And if he lives not only in a dignified fashion and for a long time, this is just that very ideal case which allows him to rise to the top of the Perfection of the Spirit.

Leadership qualities depend on Personal Power, and Wisdom depends on the age of the Spirit, rather than on the age of the body. But there are things, which can only be realised with age of the body.

It is possible to understand that young sages with a cigarette in their mouth and a syringe in their pocket who understand the pitiful price of the life of a civilized man. But it is hard to accept the weakness of the Spirit, the desire to shirk in the life, referring to hopelessness of the history course and the numerous examples of those who have fallen on the way to perfection.

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