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Raja means, king.

Raja-Yoga practice facilitates the understanding of your own nature and your mission in life. It liberates you from harmful evolutionary habits and delusions conditioned by cultural norms. The exploits of day-to-day training develops self-control, assist in accumulating life energy and strengthens the Power of Spirit. Opening Chakras as a result of raising the Kundalini gives you a deep Vision of human nature and Universal Links; abnormal Will Power; absolute control of the senses, speech, and

thoughts; the gift of persuasion and many other effects. In the course of development along the Yoga Pathway, the nature of a human automatically manifests the qualities of a Leader. Normal people usually do not realise why they follow a particular mans ideas and actions. It is just that when they feel a store of knowledge, experience, self-control, assurance, and the Power of Spirit in his actions, their sub-conscious automatically reacts, and they are attracted to this man. Often the essence of his ideas and actions have no meaning, but the self-control, assurance and the Power of Spirit are absolutely required for a real Leader.

There are numerous examples can be given when all those that hear doubtful ideas, expressed with Spirit, unconditionally accept them. After a time, people wonder how they swallowed such crap. This happens because of the assurance and power disposition, i. e., relation of the Personal Power of the speaker and the audience, which decides everything.

It should be remembered that the emergence of leadership qualities is not a goal in itself, and is a consequence of the increased Power of Spirit. And leadership is not an award, but a trial for moral qualification to further spiritual development. With the development of Personal Power, a mans actions become more and more powerful and the level of karmic responsibility for any deeds increase pro rata to the Power available to him. And among those who achieve the highest stages there are always more who have torn down than raised higher.

Those who read this and have an excessive feeling of self-importance without a Vision of the actual status of things and ones true Place in the Game of the Universe, may delude themselves and decide(!?) that they are now leaders and will not follow anybody or be influenced by anyone. But If there is not an energy basis for this, they will only be satisfying themselves with egoistic illusions and will also be influenced under some concept such as the leadership concept mentioned above.

People that specifically strive to become Leaders do not achieve this because the very desire lacks high spiritual orientation, a super-task. There is one very wise rule: Be realist and achieve the unrealizable. Life seldom awards you an unattainable goal, but easily rewards the intermediary stages as one moves toward achieving the goal.

It is interesting to watch two or more real Leaders when their activity spheres meet. Their interaction, whether explicitly or implicitly, reminds one of a conversation between samurais. Few of tham are capable of remembering that they are not the ultimate authority, that for any Power there is a Greater Power. And that any Leader, whether a saint or a prophet, is always just an ordinary performer of the plans of the Higher Hierarchy.

And one should not be afraid to follow the Leader. But should not fully dissolve in his will also, as no one can be a Leader in everything. Different experience gives Power of different quality. You can even follow a child if he is more experienced in something than you. It is the age of the Spirit, rather than the age of the body that is a key factor for leadership.

And, of course, it is not nesessary to struggle for spiritual leadership. A moderate and modest person has many more chances to preserve the Power of Spirit and be useful to people. But let the Power decide who will be a real Leader.

If your profession corresponds to your calling, strive for leadership in your professional sphere. Even if not, sincere striving for development will sooner or later result in the accumulation of experience and acceptance of leadership. Where you are not a professional, where you do not have personal talent and experience, you should not be afraid to be a common soldier, and learn to follow another Leader. That is how all the Leaders integrate within the society.

Also, you should not be afraid of the increase in the number of Leaders. Experience shows that worldwide, societies based on subordination and oppression of the leadership initiative develop slowly, or fail to develop at all. At the same time, societies that value leadership qualities flourish and become the most powerful and capable. These societies allow for the best development of individual personalities, which facilitates human evolution. And the larger the number of Leaders in the society, the more potent is the Spirit of Society.

Honest competition between Leaders should be similar to a sports contest. A good athlete is not distracted by the desires to block or disable an opponent; he is simply doing his best to achieve the best result. His advantage is Power, but not cruelty. Unfortunately, few in this world have this understanding of competition.

Those who ignore this rule by hiding behind the realities of modern life, and insisting on the necessity of military action aimed at disabling the contestants are only trying to convince themselves that evil action is necessary. They want to justify their personal karmic defects, as well as their inability to compete fairly. Possibly, for people who have gotten into karmic trouble and sinned quite enough, the yogi approach becomes impossible, and the Spirit of Unification becomes alien. The effect of cowardice inside such individuals causes a reaction that sends shivers through them when magic and Power are mentioned. They are offered a chance to become worthy and strong, but their very depths are based on nullity and weakness. Only those defected and weak-spirited are attracted by Power, but lack the Power of Spirit.

A True Leader is not guided by the desire for Power, but by how to use it correctly.

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