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Instructors of various types of group training, be it Yoga, martial arts, shaping, dances or aerobics, which follow the follow me principle sooner or later deal with SOMETHING mysterious and strange, i. e., group transformation of consciousness.

The group Spirit in various types of training may, of course, be completely different. But this phenomenon is always present. The longer the group has been together, the more powerful the group Spirit.

Overcoming physical loads during the course of any training is in one way or another connected with super-efforts, requiring abnormal psychic durability.

Each leader-instructor, striving to provide psychic support to his followers, tries to lead the trainees into transformed states of consciousness. He helps them overcome difficulties and lose their sense of pain, uncertainty or fear of the impossible during training.

Depending on his talent and experience, he manages to transform them for better or worse, and eventually he understands that some magic takes place between him and his followers.

He is in the center of attention. He is an active psychic-energy center. He creates and controls magic space, whereas the followers do their best to play up to him and become more and more submerged in this space, gradually experiencing the ecstasy of group resonance.

Newcomers usually do not understand this, but are subjected to IT. And IT pulls them inside. And this process is so fast that they do not understand how they manage to do something that seemed impossible fantastic for them yesterday.

When training comes to an end, everybody leaves happy and psychically cleaned. They feel like winners, who have engaged in a heroic effort and have successfully surmounted an unbelievable challenge

A miracle happened

In essence, these group psychic-energy actions are nothing but a modern form of shamanism.

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