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One who understands the essence of Yoga sees Universal Links in everything that surrounds him. He is free from complexes and is not burdened with prejudices.

Where Yoga ends, Tantra begins. The Tantric sight is Energetic Vision and Thinking in every situation, when you seem to be far from Yoga

A weight-lifting gym is the Temple of Power, a magic space of multidirectional effusion of the Gravitational Force

Weight is always active, attacking Power. And the strategy of conscious interaction between them determines the future results

Treat training machines as agents redirecting the Gravitational Force Vector under different angles with respect to your body. Absorb this force, since action equals counteraction. And at the very moment that pulls the handle of a training machine its Power is transmitted into the body and becomes ones own.

Do not follow the goal of bodybuilding, which is the chase for muscle mass. Do not use excessive weights. Do not lose the central idea of interacting with the Power. Otherwise, you will accumulate micro-injuries in joints, tendons and muscles, which will gradually change the structure of your muscles, the nature of the movements and the state of the psyche. In some cases, this may result in an injury that imposes long-term restrictions in the development of yoga training. Or, if one has a weak Spirit, you it is possible fall under the control of the false spirit of external forms (which is wide spread abroad) and lose the essence of spirituality, which was received from the ancestors

When using training equipment, it is necessary to coordinate movements and breathing in exactly the same fashion as in yogi training. Remember three main breathing rules:

  1. 1. When straining muscles and overcoming any weight, make a powerful and noisy exhalation through the mouth, and inhalation through the nose, relaxing the muscles in the retreat phase of the exercise.
  2. 2. (The second rule dominates the first rule) If the exercise is connected with changing the form of the chest and abdomen, their compression with the forward bend of the body should be accompanied by an exhalation, whereas opening them by bending back should be accompanied with an inhalation.
  3. 3.There are a number of paradoxical exceptions.

Try to feel them and find them in the course of the training. . .

The initial stage of training should be at a medium or low speed, using moderate light weights. This is much better than using heavy weights at a high speed. By doing this, the risk of injury is reduced and the joints are not worn out, but the result of training is just as efficient. Investigating new exercises requires determination and repetitions, which cuts the psychic flow of the training state, but develops a creative approach and the ability to find new ways to solve old problems

Receive joy from realizing to use the instrument correctly. The Master is delighted to have the Power and Grace of perfect control the instrument

To prevent consciousness from degradation in the course of Power training, it is neccesary to concentrate the attention to the Universal Links

Portioned application of your Personal Power, which interacts, with the Power emitted by a training machine, develops controlling structures

Use Bandhas to achieve super-power

Fuse mental activity with the sense of motion Accumulating Power is only possible when the practice becomes Doing Nothing

Realize biochemical transformations during the course of training

Do not be distracted from the continual flow of feelings in intervals between attempts, or when changing machines

Use muscle Pranayama

Music always has a Master in Spirit. Music in a training gym may cause conditions that whip up and force training. This forced energy kindles emotions and results in becoming tired quickly, or the Personal Spirit may also fall under its influence The flow should be forced only if there is sufficient amounts of free energy from an excessively developed training form And in this event the Personal Spirit remains free

Be alert and remember that dropping a weight or moving the weights of the machine may cause injuries

Avoid surrendering to the goals and thoughts of an athlete. They know how to do exercises correctly, and it is possible to learn this skill from them, but they do not always realise what they are doing at the psychic-energy level. They accumulate gravitational energy in their muscles, but do not stretch the muscles afterwards to transform it into refined bodies. Nor do they develop their psychic-energy structure and consciousness.

And remember that you are a temporary visitor in a weight-lifting gym. This is a hospital for modern people, where they walk on crutches and use artificial limbs. And your task is to get well as soon as possible and leave its walls, and beginning complete natural yoga training with all its strength-based manipulations using only the weight of own body.

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