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The bodys bio-nuclear process has not been studied completely. But practical observations show that after practicing exercises that deeply stretch the muscles there is a feeling of the in-flow of free energy. This energy is used in Yoga to expand consciousness.

It is known that the straining of muscles is controlled by the impulses of the nervous system. When muscles tense, the chromosomes of the cells forming the muscle tissue slide into one another. This process results in the consumption of life energy.

Interestingly, there is not usually complete relaxation of the muscle tissue cells in a so called normal state. They are likely to possess a residual potential of the strain, i. e. stiffening, which constantly consumes life energy.

Stretching the muscles, the chromosomes slide out of each other. This process results in a feeling of free energy in the system, which now is not consumed by the residual normal tone of such stiffness.

Now it is not searched to which the extreme stretching of the cells will lead, when a gap (uncovered free space) between the chromosomes is opened, has not been studied yet. Possibly, this causes an additional potential for actively generating energy.

It would be useful to note that long-term Tha-orientation in training that is dominated by stretching and relaxation exercises, gives a lot of free energy, and, of course, develops plasticity and flexibility of the body. But with the lapse of time, this tendency drains into the Spirit and starts to manifest itself as the Tha of the Spirit.

A man who finds it harder and harder to concentrate or manage to do things on time, etc. expresses this. Laziness easily roots in the tendency towards relaxation. But this is the completion of any forms of development and the evolution in this mans consciousness.

The decrease of residual strain in the tissues (purification from Ha quality) causes reduction of the discharging energy to practically zero.

What is the sense of further practice? And where is the way out?.. The answer is: in strength training, to obtain the external energy of Ha quality.

The point is to use regular physical loads to overcome the Force of Gravitation. The muscles were created with the purpose of overcoming the gravitational force of ones own body or external objects during particular movements. All muscle activity is related to overcoming the force of gravitation. The basis of lifting the elements of your own body, or overcoming the weight of a dumb-bell is absolutely the same. Stretching rubber or springs is overcoming of the force of gravitation between the atoms of the materials being moved (rubber or metal). Whereas pushing off the Earth when running, or pushing water during swimming is the overcoming of the force of gravity that exists between the body and the earth.

Look at this phenomenon from the following point of view. Muscles are mouths which eat the energy of gravitation. And to preserve and strengthen your health, your body requires regular gravitational feeding. This results in a special type of energy, which is accumulated as a training form, and gives the brain centers the ability to adjust to the load and act in a powerful fashion when necessary.

If you feel perfect, then instead of wasting your power and health for worthless lusts or on something futile, it is better to do intensive training, turning the available active energy into the training form.

This is similar to storing something. For example, if you have some money and do not want to lose it gambling, but put it in a bank account and collect interest until the time you need to buy something really important. And if in the modern world, some people may be rich, but can anybody really boast of a real abundance of health? Only the young and inexperienced may think that their health will be eternal, but, as a rule, this illusion is cleared away very soon.

Power training allows one to accumulate gravitational energy in the training form. What follows is the algorithm of end-to-end consumption and the sublimation of gravitational energy, which one should understand and learn to use in practice:

Ha-exercises (strength) allows the accumulation of gravitational energy at the physical level, whereas Tha-exercises (stretching) convert it to a more refined psychic-energy structure, where it appears as free energy. Subsequent breathing exercises direct it to the brain, charged with additional energy expands the band of your perception range, resulting in the ability to See Outside the Limits. The spiritual experience acquired as the result of such vision allows one to live a life of several normal people, who live all of their lives without going beyond the limits of normal perception range.

Wisdom comes with Spiritual experience, and then life acquires True Sense.

It would be useful to note that the perception range of some esoterically advanced individuals, flying in the clouds, remains narrow because they ignore powerful training. The attraction of Heavenly forces dominates the forces of the Earths attraction, and these people have no understanding of current events and the actual status of things. It is absolutely necessary for them to balance their energy with ordinary strength-based training in pure yogis complexes or training in a weight-lifting gym without any esoteric speculations and reminiscences. This can ground anybody in a fast and efficient manner.

So, if you have formed the intent to go till the end, complete your intention without complexes and prejudices, understanding the essence of phenomena occurring during the training. It is possible to use of any developments in sports science and use the best training tools of professional athletes.

And if Yogas training complexes will prove to be unpracticable because of an extreme body mass which is difficult to raise then it is necessary to use special weight machines for the development of weak behind groups of muscles and reducing body mass.

Bionuclear effects have place and at different social contacts. So, for example when people break undesirable relations a free energy also liberates. This energy may be sublimated or used for formation of new ties with other people.

Unreadiness to part with people in case of their death or one-sided decision to part comes to the loss of energy by those who are not ready or do not want to part. And this loss of energy will continue until the necessity to part is accepted without residual regret as regards this.

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