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Goals and means

An realization of the inner sub-spaces in Yoga occurs when the form transforms into it’s content, that is, when perception goes from the obvious into the hidden. When this happens physical, breathing, and other exercises are the only means to accumulate and strengthen the Power of Spirit.

A realization of the outer sub-spaces occurs in the opposite direction, that is, from the content to its form and from the hidden to the obvious. In this case Power of Spirit is expressed in versatile external transformations of the forms with respect to it.

But realization the ties between the outer and inner sub-spaces allows one to experience and make certain of the unity of Global Space.

It is essential to grasp once and for all that Yoga, through various physical forms is regarded as the means that allow one to achieve spiritual goals, i. e., to change one’s state of consciousness. While spiritual ideals are solely defined as the means for transforming the material world. An emphasis on one of these two tendencies is accentuated solely as the means to achieve their equilibrium and to embody the Harmony of Being.

This is the only context in which one can correctly interpret the content of this text.

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