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The method of mastering the yogi resource Arsenal is simple. Itresembles learning the ABCs.

First one learns to write separate letters, i.e., performing static forms, or Asanas. Then, one masters syllables, where the letters are connected with a tails. These are dynamic ties between Asanas, or Vinyasas.

After that one writes whole words performing short dynamic series, i.e. Vinyasas, consisting of Asanas, with the movements serving as links between them, these are performed using the rhythm of breath. Such words have the meaning of power.

After this, one writes sentences by performing complexes, consisting of several Asanas and Vinyasas. Such sentences have an extended meaning of power. Usually these complexes are studied in the regime of dictation both under a masters guidance and independently, according to a prescribed program.

But when a student accumulates enough practical language experience, there appears the possibility to write compositions with a definite subject at the beginning and a free subject thereafter, i.e. one can independently construct training complexes, both achieving the goal and creatively expressing oneself.

Those who achieve this goal become masters in yoga, just if his/her yoga-texts resonates with the sound of Harmony and Beauty.

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