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The Universal Algorithm for achieving individual mastership, which can be applied to any art, serves as the basis of the system proposed in this book.

Let us study it, taking the practice of Yoga exercises as an example.

A human body always has a circle of limitation, a potential limit of mobility, strength and endurance — «the Limit of the Marginal Circle». Within this circle is a «Subject Zone».

Usually, before starting to practice Yoga, a man has no clear realisation of where this Limit lies and what falls within his Subject Zone. But the Margin can be clearly detected rather soon after starting Yoga practice. In this event all suitable exercises form the «Subject Arsenal» of instrumental and technical abilities of the student.

Expansion of the Subject Arsenal can be achieved by two methods.

The first method consists of combining and developing new ties between separate components of the Subject Arsenal. According to this method all suitable exercises are divided into elementary components (particular positions of arms, legs, body, head and fragments of dynamical movements), and synthesized to create new exercises included in the Subject Arsenal.

The second method consists of the expansion of the Marginal Circle Limit through regular training and attempting to acquire previously absent qualities and functional abilities (for example, at the physical level: flexibility, static and dynamic strength, static and dynamic endurance, coordination and reaction). This allows the inclusion of new exercises to the Subject Arsenal. Then returning to the first method, the resulting elements are used to construct new exercises — by combining these elements between themselves or by simply using the elements of simpler exercises.

On one hand these methods allow the creation of new exercises, and on the other hand, they allow one to choose the most efficient ones among the suitable exercises. Developing the Subject Arsenal and the Subject Zone is directly connected with the improvement of control and the spreading of consciousness.

In this way the practice of Yoga may be applied to any art.

For example, for a scientist the Arsenal will be in the academic knowledge of the laws and the technical possibilities of experimental facilities used to obtain new knowledge. For a trader — in the assortment of goods in his store as well as in his technical abilities in attracting the attention of buyers to such goods (by using advertising tricks and various marketing «hooks»).

Expansion of the Subject Zone is connected with the expansion of consciousness, and its division into elementary components. Integration of these components into new combinations allows the perfection of this Zone. It unites all one’s accumulated life experience, and leads efficiently to progress in the selected sphere of life.

This is the key to understanding the content of this book.

The practice of Yoga has two mutually supporting methods for advancement to perfection and true mastership. They are training under a specified program and spontaneous training.

The expansion of the Marginal Circle Limit and the enrichment of the Subject Arsenal (Kriyas, Asanas, Vinyasas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Rasas, and etc.) is achieved by attacking personal limits during the course of regular and multiple repetition of certain preset over-the-limit training exercises. The development of new links within the Subject Zone is achieved by the searching for, and mastering of new, previously unknown forms and algorithms of motions, as well as by using various combinations in spontaneous heuristic training.

Practically no one practices training under a prescribed program throughout his/her life, therefore, the second method naturally derives from the first one. An accumulation of practical experience performing predetermined complexes inevitably leads into new perceptions through spontaneous gaps and unexpected combinations with no rules, that spring from the senses rather than from the mind. Such heuristic epiphanies contain the Spirit of freedom, and should not be suppressed or restrained. But, one should be extremely attentive and cautious in attempting them, as the motion to the Non-Subject Zone is always ties with surprises.

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