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Will and Power of Spirit

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The will manifests itself when power is restrained and kept under control.

A human being has a life power concentration and distribution place. This is an extremely small zone within which all life energy of a human may be controlled. Numerous doors surround this zone. Each of these doors opens its own path, its own sector of directional thinking, feeling and action, which are necessarily followed by the reaction of the Infinite.

A «normal» man, as a rule, keeps this door wide open and freely exposed to the blows of the multi-direction winds of the outer Will, accumulating the Power. In the East, the attention of such a person can be compared to a cloud which moves from one door to another, taken by the winds of social opinion, prestige, advertisement, personal ambitions, weak points, habits and other «pests». But where is attention - there is Power… There is your life and your money. And the one that controls your attention is the true Master. The Power is subject to his Will.

In this situation freedom is gained through conscious control of one’s own doors. A true Master willfully decides where, when, and to what extent a door should be opened by controlling the capacity of the flow in the desired sector of action. His Will manifests itself only at the time the door is intentionally closed (with resignation) or opened for a precisely set width. His Power of Spirit keeps the door in a position that is not dependent upon external sensual influences.

Only by the saving of control over these doors can a Will be manifested and the Power of Spirit be increased. And if its potential becomes high, the open door, followed immediately by the intention, attracts the required result.

One may hardly believe in such effect, but this magical law operates with the same precision as the law of gravitation.

The greater the potential of Power of Spirit, the faster the required result will be achieved. Everyone who preserves the Power of Spirit and lives in the Spirit knows it from one’s own experience.

The level of the true Freedom of the Spirit depends on the extent of one’s modesty and resignation.

Only one mistake is possible, and that is an attempt to be humble for the achievement of a concrete tangible goal, as the Power cannot be deceived. And if one is making spiritual deeds with a secret plan to achieve a particular goal, this very goal will undermine spiritual development. But the Power of the One, being the incarnation of universal power ties and sees the real motivation. So it only gives what is already protected by a detached attitude. That which has already become absolutely indifferent. Only that attitude, in the absence of which one has resigned oneself for a long time.

The existence of the goal implies a desire. A strong desire is absolutely necessary for reaching the goal by general ways available for all people, but the same desire can become a problem in terms of magical realization.

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