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Natural and inverted Flow

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From the time of the «Big Bang», all forms of life have a direction. This direction is given once and a special Counter measures the duration of the life of all creatures. All spiritual schools created their own principal positions with respect to how one should live, along this initially set direction or backwards, against its flow. Also, there are schools which accept both, depending on the situation.

Besides, any flow has explicit and implicit anti-flow. In this way, for example, the motion of electrons in semiconductors implies the counter motion of «vacancies».

The schools that insist on the supremacy of the Natural course of events bring the Higher Will to the foreground, which sets their direction and sense of life.

The schools oriented towards the Anti-Force declare their goal as the inversion of the natural course of events, i.e., motion against the linear time flow.

The schools which insist on the Conscious Choice of measures, depending on the Goal and situation, teach both, as well as what to apply and when.

A human being’s life processes are directed in exactly the same way as any other creature’s.

The secret of rejuvenation and obtaining extraordinary powers lies with the ability independently to control such directions, to hold in own hands Counter of Life and consciously to realize own mission (Dharma) in the life under the guidance of the Higher Sense of Being.

There are numerous physical and psychic power manipulations developed in Yoga, which are devised for the inversion of the direction of natural flows as well as for the leading of the first plan of the natural processes.

One of the typical means of inverting the flow of main powers is Brachmacharya (versatile control of senses) and the use of inverted postures in training. These postures result in different powers, which in a natural state act in the lower and upper centers, rush one to another and mix, manifesting themselves in a third quality. Likewise any manifested power in life may be reversed, be it an obtrusive appetite, sexual obsession or a negative thought pattern.

The stopping of thoughts and fluctuations in the consciousness removes the unnatural barrier between the body and the Spirit, and restores both the natural processes in the organism and the natural actions of a man.

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