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True Pathway and Master Natural and inverted Flow
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True Knowledge has no source other than the One. He is the True Master. But at the same time the Keepers of the Yoga Tradition from ancient times stress the importance of the worldly, human master. Worldly masters are the champions of the Power and Knowledge of the One. And sincerity and mutual confidence between the master and the student are absolutely necessary for the transfer of this Power and Knowledge. Only in this case differences in experience and in personal mission disappear, one demonstrates one’s highest potential and only then may the Miracle of Initiation of the New Keeper of the Tradition occur.

The Master conveys the accumulated experience of numerous generations of Keepers whose deeds have enhanced the power of this Tradition, and this enables the student to avoid wasting time repeating previous and realized mistakes.

The True Tradition of Yoga has no specialized, copyrighted or patent-protected names. Simply Yoga. This ancient word implies an unconditional Unification with the Unbounded. The Yoga Pathway has personal directions for the different people. The Ones Who Achieved prefer to avoid using any names at all because they see the limitation of the Freedom even in this single word. They are not oriented towards concrete material expression, but towards abstract ideal preservation and the following of the Gist of Unification.

The True Pathway implies complete Freedom of Choice. It is for those who are capable of loving the only One Master and receiving his lessons in any form He creates.

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